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  • @charlene: hey, i have facebook too, u can find me by my email : [email protected]
    I think i'll go to HCM city again in this month, but im not sủe if i'll stay there for a long time,coz i have to flight to Da Nang. But may be we can ... ngày 14.08.2009 04:15pm
  • @candyflame: hey sweets, im actually vietnamese, but i gotta leave Vietnam in 1 year to go to america for my study, so sad ab that. But i think it'd be great!^^. Im living in CAntho , but nơ, im traveling around VN, from cantho to hanoi, im ẹnoying great thíng here!!!^^
    hope ... ngày 31.07.2009 04:11pm
  • @charlene: yeah, my dear! Charles and me solved our problem now, and im so happy ab that!!! there r still a lot ò challenges in front of my way, but i think i can overcome all.or at least i'll try my best!!! ^^
    I hope u r doing great and ... ngày 31.07.2009 06:41am
  • @candyflame: hey sweets, im fine nw, my mood is so good, i think!!
    And u know what? U can ask me whatever u want to!!!! i will answer all, my dear!!!
    HAve a great day!!!! ngày 31.07.2009 06:38am
  • @charlene: Charleen, tomorrow i'll go to HCM city, if possible, could we meet? this is my phone number 0948722717, i dont know ur phone , so if u r free, send me a message, i'll call u, ok?!
    And dont worry ab my mood anymore, coz Charles and ... ngày 30.07.2009 06:29am
  • @candyflame: hi dear!
    thanks for ur caring, i feel better now, i think i just need some time to balance my life and to live for myself as i always advise u to do. U know, i used to cry too much for some other things, but in this case , ... ngày 29.07.2009 04:04pm
  • @candyflame: hey dear, dont worry too much, i will be fine! yeah, something happened to Charles and me, and i think i lost him! I dont know if i can overcome this situation or not, but i think it's better to let Charles go! i dont wanna keep an unhappy Charles, ... ngày 29.07.2009 03:35am
  • @charlene: good Charleen, im happy to hear that u r happy again!!!!keep doing great there and dont think too much!!!
    Charleen, i think i lost my man! im so sad and upset, i still love him, but i think it's better to let him go! Anyway, it's gonna be ... ngày 29.07.2009 03:27am
  • @cloudlee: thanks for ur sharing, dear!
    He's not my 1st love, and i used too get hurt some times, i thought that my heart would be familiar with that feeling, but i think im wrong, it still hurt like hell and drive me totally crazy! yeaterday he's till MY MAN, but ... ngày 29.07.2009 03:23am
  • @charlene: well, be calm Charleen, everything will be fine when u r calm and look into the trouble!
    and although i dont really know what r the things which u r facing, i can tell u what i think! well, the reasons why people dont believe u are 1st: ... ngày 28.07.2009 12:08pm
  • @candyflame: haha, dear, im happy to know ab ur plan (--> getting a bfr immediately) It would be great. I have no doubt ab that coz u got such a great appearance and i think u could get any boy who u want to get with some luck!!!! Then dont forget ... ngày 27.07.2009 04:08pm
  • @masuhin: have a nice day and sweet dreams!!!^^ ngày 26.07.2009 04:00pm
  • @kemlyle: hey, nice to meet ya!!! and have a sweet day, new friend!!! ngày 26.07.2009 06:43am
  • @candyflame: wow, i just listened to the song u sent, it's great and amazing!!!! thanks soo much! and i'll be strong to reach my aim and my MAN!!!! i hope u too, be strong and keep ur belief, coz when u believe , miracle will appear!!!!!^^
    Have a ... ngày 25.07.2009 05:00am
  • @xuxuluu: nice to meet u too, and thanks for ur comment ab my English, but i prefer u to comment or share with me ab my feeling which contains in my diary!!!
    Anyway, thank u, and i hope u will have a great day!!!!! ^^ ngày 24.07.2009 07:47am
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Do nickonha gởi ngày 16.09 03:02pm
Thằng bé!(

Một thằng bé nhỏ dại,
Mới thấy gương lần đầu,
Nó xăm xăm chạy lại,
Rồi ngắm trước ngó sau,
Nó thấy ở trong gương,
Có một đứa bằng mình,
Ngoài chơi trong cũng chơi,
Ngoài cười trong cũng cười…
Nó tức quá đấm mạnh,
Thằng ở trong đấm lại,
Hai đứa đấm nhau mãi,
Mẹ nó ở ngoài thềm,
Nghe khóc la chạy vào,
Mới hỏi cớ làm sao,
Nó mới mách mẹ rằng:
Có một đứa giống con,
ở trong gương quá dữ,
Nó đánh con bất tử…
Mẹ nó mới bảo rằng:
Con suy đó mà xem,
Sự dữ với sự lành
Nếu con cười với nó
Thì nó cũng cười tươi…
Khuyết danh
Do charlene gởi ngày 14.08 03:27am
have u facebook?
Do charlene gởi ngày 14.08 03:26am
im so pity for not met u last time..when do u go to sai gon once more again?
Do charlene gởi ngày 14.08 03:24am
hi Natalie,long time no see's it going with u? how about u and Charles?hihi...
Natalie , lately i usually think about my grandmother , she died 1year ago but i can't forget...her face around me everynight , i cant sleep ,im so sad and tire..i miss her so much but i have nobody to confide in
Do candyflame gởi ngày 05.08 01:01am
(to be proud) ^^ --> mistake
Do candyflame gởi ngày 05.08 01:00am
Very please to hear that, we're both vietnamese and it's worth to proud, isnt it ?? ^_^
Hey, Natty, take care of ur health when travelling 'cause the A/H1N1 flu is increasing everyday in Viet Nam and it's ready to attack u at any time !!! >,<
Do cloudlee gởi ngày 04.08 04:30am
time will heal your soul. Nothing is impossible! Remember!
Do candyflame gởi ngày 31.07 07:09am
Where do u live now, Natty? And, ur nationality is Vietnamese, right?
Do charlene gởi ngày 31.07 07:07am
im so cheerful to hear that,try keep to ur love , challenges??no problem , don't worry.
thanks ur comment , i hope will find to true love for me soon hihihi...
had u my phone number yet?i'll send to u message later
nice day my dear friend
Do candyflame gởi ngày 31.07 02:06am
How is ur feeling today, Natty?? Ah, my lovely friend, may I ask u some pesonal questions?
Do charlene gởi ngày 31.07 02:00am
u and Charles had solved that problem ???Charles come back to u???
Do charlene gởi ngày 31.07 01:57am
Im so sorry , tomorrow i have to go to school ,i really wanna meet u but i just only free on sunday.
sunday for u,right?how long will u at HCM city?my cell phone :0984447246
have a great day
Do charlene gởi ngày 30.07 02:45am
i know ur impression now,i were upseted 2 years ago,too but now , i really feel very good at least for me not that guy . to believe me , time elapse u will be good more and when u look back,u will smile and "NO PROBLEM" ...
U know , at that time , i singed all the songs which i know like crazy parent worryed for me hi..then i feel good more ^_^
u try ...
Do redfox gởi ngày 29.07 11:55am
tớ ko understand english or other nên cũng ko biết comment or another ra làm sao .
mà cái đó cũng ko phải là hindi đâu ....... have a beauty day !!!
Do candyflame gởi ngày 29.07 09:28am
Oh, dear! Im so sorry to hear that! I dont know exactly what happened, but I knew that u r very upset right now! Plz dont try to hide all ur feelings, crying whenever u want, sharing with anyone u see! I felt that u arent strong as u said, so, there's no reason to cry a lot, tears will help u to sleep deeply! But, listen Natty! You are allowed crying in several days after, 'cause U used to say that "Life is so short, so we dont have enough time to be sad", remember? I'm always by ur side, Natty! Hope that ur mom'll get better soon!
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