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Thư viện nhạc > Nhạc Anh > Solemn Prayer
Solemn Prayer
Ca sĩ: Phat Quang Temple
Homage to Buddha, homage to Dhrama
Homage to Sangha, may all our prayer
Deep from our hearts, be blessed forever
May our reverance, for all the Buddha
Become greater than any mount or sea
May our loving heart, be ever lasting
Cover the cosmos, care for all beings
May sentient beings, live in harmony
No envy or hate, no war, crime or kill
May bad ones trust in, the law of Karma
Repent of their sins, head for the new good life
May the blind and deaf, or the poor and ill
Overcome sickness, together be fine
May all animals, end their ignorance
Reborn as human, follow the true way
May ravenous ghosts, in the world of death
Be saved by Buddha, follow saintly light
In the world of Hell, those who are torturned
Now have compassion, the get out of there
We bow down before, all Buddha and Saints
Ask for great Dharma, shine all Uniserve
Where we will be born, find noble tenets
So we will never get far from Buddha
May we be humble to respect people
Be little ourselves, as attain nothing
We open our hand, to share and offer
To support and love, all the poor in life
May our heart be calm, when we have trouble
From other's scolding, or their trikery
We will be happy, to see the success
Or good dees they make, as if theirs were ours
We keep a silence about other's fault
Just pray quietly, they will be better
May we be freed from any love affair
So that we offer love to all beings
Homage to Buddha, too much miseries
We earned through the lives only tiredness
Now we make a vow, end at enlightenment
Instruct all beings, repay to Buddha
May we will hold on, applying ourselves
To Buddha's tenets, never wasting time
Our virtue be kept, our calm mind deepened
Our wisdom brightened, on the Noself way
May we be conscious, of our shortcomings
Not look up ourselves, although trying hard
Please help us hold on, not stop in middle
To absolute end same Buddha's heart state
Every life we born, everywhere we reach
Buddha's teaching will come to everyone
Homage to Buddha, please accept our heart
All these sincere vows as our offerings
Namo Sakiya Muni Buddha
Người gởi shanshan89ttqtd [bài hát của thành viên này]
Ngày đăng 08:03 19/11/12
Lượt nghe 2406 từ ngày đăng
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