Lưu bút của 000000_falling
Do nuvesitinhyeu89 gởi ngày 09.09.2010
hj chao ban!lam wen nha
Do nuvesitinhyeu89 gởi ngày 15.01.2010
Do thuannguyeng5h gởi ngày 15.01.2010
Do precious20 gởi ngày 09.06.2009
Good day,
Please write to my email address box: ([email protected])
My name is Precious, a good looking Liberian girl.
became interested in you after going through your profile at (www.ritgino.net) and i wish to
continue relationship with you which if nature will permit we have a
long way to go.
have a special reason of contacting you which i will make known to you,
tell you more about myself and also send my pictures to you. I will
like you to get back to me through my email address:
([email protected])
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